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Movie RAW RAW Released on July 13, 2021 · ? views · Posted by admin · Series HRM-005

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Rating 8.3
Status: Completed Studio: , Released: Jul 08, 2021 Duration: 60min Type: Movie Episodes: 1 Censor: Censored
It will be the addition of the most important episode in season.1. "A cosplayer who seduces a man who has her, is captivated by costume play that she does not do, and enjoys vaginal cum shot reverse cuckold" Such a woman is the best, isn't it? Of course, she is the worst woman for her boyfriend to be taken down. Even with the desire of a man called cosplay sex, he entertained with a high-ranking erotic act, and also said, "Eh ...? Will she let me have a vaginal cum shot? I'll let you ejaculate a lot of darkness ... " From her point of view, the mental damage should be bigger than the usual cheating. No matter how much you love her, no one can cut off the temptation to fall asleep from this special class cosplayer. I think he was buying a grudge at the gurnard. I was immediately caught in the information network of the narrow cosplay area where envy, crooks, and squeezing of legs were constantly swirling. "Please discipline thoroughly." With that kind of prior information, the first impression of this cosplayer was "The Bad Woman". "My friend's boyfriend? I often fall asleep lol" A 19-year-old cosplayer who declared such "reverse cuckold superiority" without being afraid. A pride super high type that feels overwhelming superiority to other women by taking away another person's boyfriend as a captive of that beautiful body. I seduced the boyfriend of the acquaintance couple circle who came to Kos x Ri and put out a chokkai, and pulled out a blowjob in the venue toilet. Later, there was an astonishing episode in which he met his boyfriend and had sex with his layer girlfriend in the same costume to show the difference. What is amazing is to do such a shameless act naturally. Reverse NTR the boyfriend of another person, and litter after tasting Oma x Ko. For her, it feels like a game, such as robbing another man. "Everyone will soon be messed up with me? Lol" In a nutshell, shit. However, it's been a while since I've had a woman who induces an erection just by talking. You can smell abundant sexual experience from the verses of words, or make each gesture feel "unusual eros".